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Can I ride along prior to formally applying?

Please contact one of our members for information regarding ride-along info.  See our Contact Us page.


What does the application process involve?

Once you turn in your completed application, it is reviewed by our command staff and background check will be run. Following a clean history, you will be brought in for in an interview.

What happens after I am accepted?

You will be assigned to a platoon, and at that time your probationary period begins (which is up to 6 months). You will be expected to attend all platoon nights where you will ride along in plain clothes. During this time you will also be notified about all training sessions necessary for you to become uniformed.


How much time is required?

Each platoon is scheduled to work one (1) Friday night and one (1) Saturday night each month. Typical evening patrol shifts run from 6:30pm to 12 midnight. Additionally, ALL officers are expected to work at least one event each month (2-6 hours).

What equipment will the department provide and what am I responsible for?


Department-provided items include: Pants, short sleeve shirts, a lined cruiser coat, rain coat, hat, and a portable radio.  You are responsible for providing: your own footwear and all of your own personal duty gear.

What is the structure of the Department?


The department is commanded by the Auxiliary Deputy Chief and two Captains. We have 4 platoons each commanded by one (1) Lieutenant and one (1) Sergeant. Each of the platoons has between 3 to 5 Auxiliary Officers assigned to them.  A full-time Newton Police Lieutenant acts as a liason to the auxiliary officers.


What kind of people volunteer for the department?


Our members include people from many professions, including: retail, IT, higher education, sales, finance, security, state and local government, college students and small-business owners


What happens if I am unavailable to work on a scheduled evening patrol night?


We understand that this is a volunteer position and that things can and do come up so the occasional absence is permitted as long as proper notification is given to your Sergeant or Lieutenant. However our schedule is fixed and everyone has ample knowledge of when they will be expected to work and frequent absence will not be tolerated.

Have any other questions?

Please feel free to submit them here on our Contact Us page.

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